Shift Up: How AI, Cognitive Computing, and Emotional Intelligence are Transforming QA

The relationship between company and customer has shifted from transactional to one characterized by deeper, meaningful interactions — but how do you test for that?

Being able to simulate real user interactions, behaviors, and emotions is key. Not just to build out software that’s appealing, but in moving QA to the corporate boardroom where you can simulate new strategies to determine if changes will create the desired business outcome.

Watch this webinar recording that discusses Shift Up, a way to incorporate shift left and shift right, while aligning with business outcomes and focusing on how your customers are actually using your technology. Learn how a Shift Up approach allows you to:

  • Monitor real user activity against KPIs.
  • Update your existing environment to focus on key user journey, KPIs, and business objectives using a model-based approach to testing.
  • Incorporate artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics to help you quickly identify and resolve quality issues.